Buddhism on the Border: The Formation of Religious Tradition on the Frontier of Tibet and Nepal

Frontiers are often thought of as the margins of things. This book reconsiders the Himalayan frontier as its own center, examining the development of a “borderland Buddhism” on the frontier of Tibet and Nepal by focusing on the acclaimed monastic and retreat center known as White Rock Horse Tooth (Brag dkar rta so) in the … [Read more…]

Life of the Buddha in Tibet: Art, Literature, and Institution

The Life of the Buddha presents and analyzes in a synthetic fashion the first complete photographic documentation of the monumental murals depicting the Buddha narrative at Takden Puntsokling (Rtag brtan Phun tshogs gling) Monastery in the Tsang region of Central Tibet, their related literature, and their architectural and historical contexts. The challenge of studying visual … [Read more…]

Religion and the Literary in Tibet

A continuing collaborative workshop to study the aesthetic, rhetorical, and affective dimensions of Tibetan religious writing. The workshop grew out of a five-year seminar of the American Academy of Religion (2010-2014) and includes a series of spring meetings outside the AAR.